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25 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born

Christmas Devotional

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Why did Jesus come to earth?

Whether you have asked yourself that question or not, 25 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born will help you understand more fully why Jesus came and the extent of what he did for humanity.

All gifts are meant to be celebrated. Why not celebrate the greatest gift of all by getting to know Jesus more? The more you know him, the more reasons you will have to celebrate!

About the author

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Scott Jackson is originally from Dallas, TX but has been serving as a full-time missionary in Córdoba, Argentina since 2006. He has served in various ministries such as church planting/evangelism, academics and teaching, and sports outreach. His wife is Sofía, and together they have 2 children, Lucy and Bennett.

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Will Washington

Park Cities Presbyterian Church (Dallas, TX)

"This book helps us take our eyes off of ourselves and fix them on Jesus, the Greatest Treasure and our only Savior. I highly recommend this book to you."

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Stewart Hardy

All-In Sports Outreach

"25 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born will not only help you to focus on the real meaning of celebrating Christmas, it will push you to a closer walk with Jesus."

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Josué Barrios

Editorial Coordinator, The Gospel Coalition

"This is an excellent book to read and share with family and friends. It is a blessing to have these devotional readings which focus our attention on the biggest gift of all: The Son of God, who became flesh to live and die for us."

25 Reasons Why Jesus Was Born Christmas Devotional
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